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Fujimaki (藤巻) is a big-time gambler in the Underground Megalo Boxing. He is known to offer debts for gambling. However, he will take something very important when his debtor failed to repay his debt. Nanbu joins Megalonia with Joe to pay his debts. 


Fujimaki is a dangerous, sophisticated, and ruthless man. A consummate businessman, Fujimaki seemingly never loses his temper and retains control over not only his own emotions at all times, but also over everyone in his presence as well. His mannerisms are calm and controlled and seems to be all the more intimidating for it. He often puts people into situations of his own choosing that display his sense of authority under the thin guise of magnanimity and generosity to impart this sense of control over them, making him a practiced hand at extortion, intimidation, and psychological warfare.

Appropriate for a man who runs his criminal enterprise in a restaurant, Fujimaki appears to be a gourmet cook, often incorporating various metaphors and analogies that relate to the finer points of the culinary arts into his diction, and uses this as part of his method of intimidation. He has no qualms about forcing people into situations in which they are either beaten to a pulp or must resort to other drastic measures such as self-mutilation to appease him, marking him with severe sociopathic tendencies.


Befitting a man with such an ability to instill fear in others, Fujimaki towers above most other characters in the series, with his stature rivaling that of Yuri who is 6'5 (196 cm) tall. Cut with extremely broad shoulders and a muscular and physically fit build, Fujimaki is a man whose stature alone commands respect. His attire is rather simple: black dress shoes, a gold waist chain and ring, dress pants and a waist coat in forest green, and a black dress shirt and a rust-red tie.

His face is square-jawed and strong with several scars and a cleft chin and black hair in a Roman-style bowl haircut.

In Nomad, he wears an orange-yellow suit and now has glasses.


Fujimaki and Nanbu were not very familiar, and Fujimaki decided to take advantage of Nanbu having a lot of debt from elsewhere.[1]


  • His appearance is modeled off of Benicio Del Toro.[2]